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The lyrics deal with our present and our ancientness. Human beings have been around for a long time, changing with the times but drifting further from our origins and losing sight of the past and each other. In this modern age of hyperconnectedness there is an underlying feeling of separation, misinformation and distrust. I think most seek union but don’t know how.

There is a hurry and a heaviness to life in the modern world, and though we have the benefit of convenience it feels like we have lost something more fulfilling.

The video ties into the desire to recommune with nature and get back to our roots. With the past year of lockdowns and anxiety the world of the material no longer suffices our desires and we see how delicate the lines of self perception can be. Who are we outside of the places we visit, the people we meet with and the habits we are accustomed to? The concept of Ourobos, the snake that eats its own tail (or tale) is explored in the lyrics, the idea of coming full circle and getting back to basics, confronting ourselves and bettering ourselves is at the centre of the theme. We can’t rewind or change our pasts but we can reflect upon on and in doing so recreate our present and our future.


by Conor Graver